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Square Peg in a Round Hole

I just read this cool article entitled Our Changing Spiritual Relationship Status. It brings up a point that I make in my book about Christians being confused about how they fit with God. We’re often told that, by default, we humans can’t relate to the divine at all. I especially love this quote from the article:

Having said all this, I believe there was another reason for the incarnation. As much as it helps us relate to God, something even more profound took place. In Jesus we find God eating food and sleeping on the ground. God entered through a tunnel and left through a tomb—same as us. God sat at the barren table of poverty and drank the cup of our suffering. He didn’t just come so we could relate better to Him, He came so He could relate to us.”

My thought is that if we have so much trouble relating to the divine, how will we ever develop a deep, abiding love instead of a shallow or mandatory love, not to mention imitate it? What are your thoughts?