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English: Exterior of the Cadet Chapel on the campus of the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s another short, interesting article at Relevant Magazine: A Natural Disaster With No One to Blame

It’s about some Evangelical groups who frequently tout natural disasters as being God’s punishment for wicked cities and nations, but are now silent about the Colorado wildfires raging through their own HQ neighborhood.

I like reading Relevant’s blogs and articles, but even better, I like reading the comments. You can keep your finger on the pulse of Western Christianity and learn a lot about what rank-and-file Christians think. From time to time, I add my own comments.

Sometimes, I love what other readers say. Other times, I’m shocked. There are Christians who seem to be as lost and even more confused than the non-Christian world (not that I have all the answers or that those who don’t agree with me are automatically “lost”).

Sometimes I want to reach out to them with a reply comment, but then realize it would take an entire book to help or make any sense. So I keep my remarks to myself, and usually, say a little prayer.

But I’ve written that book. It’s currently in the hands of an editor, which is turning out to be a surprisingly slow process. No wonder. The manuscript is just under 400 book-size pages. It might even end up as two books—we’ll have to see how it goes.

So I can’t put all that in a blog comment no matter how well-intended I am. Yet a too-short remark would only encourage flaming arguments, and there’s plenty of that going on already.

On a happier note, I hope my fellow Americans enjoy a safe 4th of July. (My understanding is that some of Colorado Springs has cancelled their fireworks displays, for obvious reasons.) Those of us who aren’t dealing with wildfires can pray for those who are—not just the victims, but the firefighters and other workers who put their time and lives on the line. For those in a position to do more, there are numerous ways to help with donations of money, supplies, or animal rescue-related concerns.

People helping people, Christian or otherwise, is neighbor love in action that contributes to God’s good and the living kingdom of heaven around us. I didn’t always think so, but I know now that’s the best fire to spread and the greatest fireworks display in which to engage and celebrate, especially in the midst of disaster.

What’s your take on the Relevant Magazine article and/or the reader comments?