Currently in production and coming soon!

HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT: Life-changing Gospel Secrets You Never Learned in Church

Book cover with map and footprints

Tentative cover mock-up (subject to change)

A down-to-earth investigation of self- and neighbor love presented as a mystery with twists, turns, a map to missing treasure, and a lurking “woman,” Mystery Babylon, who sabotages it all. Jesus’ message to the world proclaims: The life you’re now living can be lived in the kingdom of heaven at hand. The Sermon on the Mount is his prescribed way to shift, or “enter,” into the kingdom life-style and find the treasure. You’ll smack your forehead wondering how you missed the clues!

2 Responses to “My Book”

  1. genepayne54 Says:

    God must have lead me here. I rarely, if ever, come to WordPress, but did this morning and found your blog. It speaks strongly to my heart.
    I’ve heard that Mercy is not getting what we deserve, and Grace is getting what we don’t deserve. That fits perfectly with what you have said.
    I’d love for you to expound on your writings here. You have a lot of content and so much more to teach by taking it apart and explaining it further. I know it would help me.
    You’ve got a new follower. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Linda A. Says:

    Hi genepayne54,

    I hope you’ve been following Rhonda’s blog and reading her articles. She does break things down into bite-sized pieces and really develops the ideas. Her writing makes Jesus’ ideas easy to understand and apply to practical, every-day life. Most other books and speakers (except Dallas Willard) only talk about what we “should” be but not how to get there on the inside and implement the ideas and actions from our hearts!

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