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Civil Air Patrol Search and Rescue Aircraft

No, it’s not a joke, but it is pretty funny when you hear my story! My point will then be clear.

But first, we need to stop thinking of grace strictly as forgiveness, comfort, or a favor we don’t deserve. Grace is continual action. Grace is power. It isn’t static; it’s dynamic. It moves, it drives, it does things. Paul says it’s not by works of the Law we’re saved, but by the works of grace. Not just God’s grace, but ours as well, through partnership with Him.

We can think of grace as fuel. The idea is to burn through that fuel like a jet fighter on take-off in full afterburner. The sinner idling on the tarmac doesn’t burn a fraction of grace the disciple does! Think of it this way: if grace were money, it relates to your discipleship as a grant rather than a salary. Grace is a gift from God rather than something He owes you; but it still revolves around work. Grace isn’t the opposite of work; it’s the opposite of wages and payment. Sin is about wages and pay-back—“the wages of sin.”

Second, grace is also about poise, as in gracefulness and ease. Poise is related to position, as in a rattlesnake poised to strike, or one’s position on economics. Lack of grace means stumbling rather than dancing. At the risk of sounding like a class-A klutz, allow me to demonstrate: