Large Green Tree near Belmore Park Sydney CBD

Large Green Tree near Belmore Park Sydney CBD (Photo credit: Chris Ting – Sydney)

To move beyond today’s nominal Christian culture into the deeper body of Christ, a few things must be in place.

One, God’s vision of wholeness for the greater body of mankind should be viewed in the long sweep of history. Transformation of an individual doesn’t happen overnight, so it’s a safe bet that the human race isn’t transformed into a loving body in a few thousand years.

Two, you should see that becoming whole yourself is your personal contribution to God’s grand adventure within that long sweep. It means you’re drawn into, or caught up in, His goodness and plan of action. It’s what He wants more than anything else.

Three, understand that, biblically, to love someone is to simply wish for that person’s good. You will it, invoke God into it. You promote and contribute to it. The good news is that this doesn’t require affection. You don’t have to try to force yourself to like people or even agree with them, though you certainly like and agree with some. The key to loving even enemies is that willing their good doesn’t mean you support their actions. You support God’s.

So, biblical love is simpler than we think. If more churches promoted it, love wouldn’t be such a dreadful burden that only Jesus can correctly pull off. Nominal Christians could actually be drawn into the deeper body of Christ with the joy and understanding we read about in Scripture. (more…)