Collage of varius Gray's muscle pictures by Mi...Having explored transformation of the inner person, and, assuming that routine neighbor love is the goal, we can now look at how the body fits in. As the mechanism that delivers whatever is dominant in your head and heart, your body is the “outer man” that Paul talks about.

Speech patterns and tone of voice, for example, reflect the inner person. Eye movement and facial expressions can be compassionate and kind, or stab like daggers. I can use my hands and arms to deliver a comforting touch or a devastating blow.

Whether my shoulders are slumped or squared, or my gait is shuffling or springy, you can “read” me because outer posture generally manifests the inner stance. So you probably know when I’m experiencing destructive fear, anger, jealousy, or bitterness, as well as positive joy, peace, or hope.

Of course, I can expend tons of energy maintaining a poker face. Maybe I don’t want people to get too close or really know me, but whatever the reason, it’s possible to live a guarded, disguised sort of life-style. But it’s exhausting and prone to “leakage” because it’s contrary to God’s design. (more…)